Master of the House of Candlewick


NOTEWORTHY STATS: Guts 5, Brains 5, Face 5.
BACKGROUND: Traveler to Exotic Locales.
VOCATION: Master of Candlewick Manor.


QUOTE: “We are all sailors on the stormy seas of fortune, my little ones. Sometimes we are dashed from the decks, and near drowned, only to find ourselves washed ashore upon stranger sands. I hope in time you may come to see these sands that we walk together as not so strange and unsettling, but as a place you can know and name and call home.”
POV : All of Candlewick Vale is laid out at my feet, the pieces set, the stratagems considered, and now come my orphans. What games we shall play, oh yes, and what lessons we might all learn in the playing, for the games of children are the laboratories where reality and identity and consciousness are tried and tested. Sometimes to destruction.
ROLE: Dr. Candlewick is the master of Candlewick Manor, and his family gave its name to the Vale. He has turned the Manor into a School for the Found and Unfortunate, and scours the world for those most suited to attend, all for his own mysterious (possibly sinister) reasons. He’s a looming enigma, distant but benevolent, yet also somewhat frightening. His motivations, goals and desires are all part of the mystery.
DESCRI PTI ON: Tall and striking. Dr. Candlewick is a vigorous man of late middle years, white-haired with dramatic side whiskers. He dresses impeccably, but his clothing is years out of fashion. He favors waistcoats of bright colors, and his watch chain is hung with weird charms and talismans. His eyes are kind, but his mouth is cruel. His ears are somewhat prominent (and indifferent of temperament). He speaks in a convoluted and rhythmic cadence which some find hypnotic.


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