Head of Housekeeping and Amateur Detecting


NOTEWORTHY STATS: Hands 3; Guts 4; Brains 4; Face 3.
BACKGROUND: In Service at Candlewick Since Childhood.
VOCATION: Head of Housekeeping.
PASSION: Amateur Detective.


QUOTE: “All right, girl, enough of your foolish twittering! Just think of it as very dark wine, and set to it with the mop already! Land sakes, it’s only blood, and hardly enough to indicate a body died. No, this could only be a serious injury, not a proper fatal exsanguination at all. Now, don’t. DON’T! Ah, now, we’ve sick as well as blood to clean up!”
POV : Well, this lot would be in a fine pickle without me, wouldn’t they? When I was hired on back in the old Dr. Candlewick’s day, I was a wee slip of a girl. A mere skull. But now, I’m head of Housekeeping, which in these reduced days for the family means I’m also their clerk, nanny, butler, and in-house detective. And in a house with this much history, and this many secrets, I hardly have time to sleep, do I?
ROLE: Fiona keeps Candlewick House running, and singlehandedly manages all the practical issues which if allowed to slip would hasten the final downfall of the family. If someone is going to figure out what a sneaky bunch of orphans are up to, its Fiona. Whether she elects to intervene depends on what she uncovers. She’s not one for interfering if there’s no danger to life, limb, or the family she’s dedicated her whole life to serving.
DESCRIPTION: Fiona is the very definition of “formidable woman.” She’s tall and straight, with a gorgeous wave of silver-gray hair. Her face is remarkably unlined for a woman of her years, and were she not so busy, she’d have many male admirers among the Vale’s widowers and old bachelors. But she’s so busy with running the daily affairs of Candlewick House, and dealing with the occasional disaster or scandal, that she only has time for one recreation: She devours mystery novels.


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