Driver, Mechanic, and All-Around Good Bloke in a Scrap


NOTEWORTHY STATS: Hands 5; Feet 4; Guts 5.
BACKGROUND: Bodyguard.
VOCATION: Driver and Mechanic for Candlewick Estates.
PASSION: The Careful and Judicious Application of Violence.


Q UOTE: “You are stepping away from the children now, yes? This is something you should pick on with one of your own size. Alas, I will have to suffice, though I be significantly bigger than you.”
POV : I drive the cars, yes. I keep them running, too. Sometimes, I help with the boilers down in the basement. Everyone here hopeless with machinery. Hopeless when dealing with ugly realities too, I think. Someone here must be mindful of these things. To keep the machinery running, and drive the cars, and the bus for the children, and to fix other things when they break down.
ROLE: Jurgen is like a clenched fist. His whole body promises violence, pain and damage for anyone who steps in his path. He protected Dr. Candlewick through his years traveling, and now protects the orphans like they were his own. He won’t stand for any abuse, rudeness or mistreatment of them. Until the rattling black bus passes from sight, at least, the orphans can expect civil treatment from everyone in the schoolyard. Nobody in Candlewick Vale is willing to raise Jurgen’s ire. He’s known to have put the enormous Deputy Packhammer to sleep with one punch, a feat comparable with kicking down a redwood tree or headbutting a charging rhino.
DESCRIPTION: Jurgen is solid, like an ironbound oaken door, and similarly shaped. He’s remarkably wide, though not tall, built thick. He’s as hard and tough as a creosote post. They say that as Dr. Candlewick’s driver and bodyguard he’s been shot, stabbed, burned, and once mauled by a huge dog. Sometimes he will smile his thin smile and show a curious orphan a truly shocking scar. His thinning hair is pale blond, and his accent vaguely Teutonic, but his eyes are thin slits hinting at a Slavic origin. Nobody is sure where he’s from, and he discourages questions about his origins with very pointy silences.


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