Nurse to Orphans and Hypochondriacal Staff


NOTEWORTHY STATS: Hands 3; Feet 1; Brains 4; Face 3.
B ACKGROUND: Old Candlewick Retainer.
VOCATI ON: Nurse for Candlewick House.
PASSI ON: Helping Her Charges Onto the Right Path


Q UOTE: “Oh there, there, ’tis only a little wound! Won’t need more than two, two or three dozen tiny stitches. And they say scars are quite manly.”
POV : The poor dears, with no one in the whole world to look out for them. Well, they’ve a good place now. I’ve been nurse to the Candlewick family for two generations, and brought both the young mistress and master into this world with these two hands. That doctor down in village might think he knows medicine because of
his degrees, but I have thirty years of tending the ills of the sickliest family in the Vale. A few sad little orphans are hardly going to give me any surprises, I think.
ROLE: Matron Fineliner looks out for her charges, sometimes aggressively. She’s not averse to yanking an errant orphan up by the ear if she’s into something dangerous, or refusing to eat her nice healthful boiled cabbage. She’s kind but firm, and won’t give up on an orphan no matter how bad things are. She’ll treat injuries, illness, and the blues—but don’t try and malinger or pull a fast one. She can spot a faker a mile off.
DESCRI PTI ON: Matron Fineliner is quite remarkably old, though still spry and adept. She walks for exercise, eats right, and gets plenty of sleep. She looks like your grandmother, in a white pressed uniform. She’s always got a lollypop in one pocket, and bottle of iodine in the other for cuts.


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