Director of Candlewick Home for the Unfortunate and Unloved


NOTEWORTHY STATS: Guts 3; Brains 4; Face 3.
B ACKGROUND: Classical Scholar.
VOCATI ON: Director of the Candlewick Home.


QUOTE: “Your attention please, children. Your erudition has been entrusted to me, and with due care and attention I will shepherd you into new realms of social adroitness and cognizance. Under my guidance, you shall beat back the forces of ignorance which occupy your minds like foreign soldiers billeted in an unwilling home, and together we shall crush benightedness, sciolism, mumbliness, sassmouth, fidgetism, and noisesomness.”
POV : The position is strange, the manor is strange, the town is strange, and the orphans are very, very strange. But Dr. Candlewick—who, by the way is strange—is paying a bleeding fortune to head his little orphanage, and my debt being what it is . . . well, a man must eat. And so must his creditors.
ROLE: Dr. Dravenfirth is a stern, aloof disciplinarian and authority figure, a vital foil for trouble-seeking orphans. He’ll assign cruel and mind numbing punishments for infractions. Scrubbing the grout in the South Dormitory showers with a toothbrush. Copying pages from The Complete Guide to Historical Knitwear by Mildred Snaoren. Helping the groundskeeper clean dead skunks out of the well.
DESCRIPTION: A portly man of 50, with small, round eyeglasses that he’s too vain to wear in public upon his large round face. He dresses conservatively, with his only affectation being colorful handkerchiefs in which he takes enormous pride. He began life as a genuine scholar before becoming a people manager and paper pusher, and recalls with fondness pursuing wisdom rather than pursuing the little delinquent who’s been writing rude words on the walls of the East Dormitory toilets. He’ll never use a one-syllable word when a quintasyllabic word will do, and he has a keen eye for when subjects of his droning lectures aren’t paying attention. He keeps a ruler in his pocket to help reclaim that attention.


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