Daughter of the House of Candlewick


NOTEWORTHY STATS: Guts 3; Brains 3; Face 4.
BACKGROUND: Spoiled Child of Wealth.
VOCATION: Social Butterfly.


QUOTE: “So, you’re Father’s new foundlings? I certainly hope you do better than the last lot. They weren’t ANY fun at all.”
POV : Why does Father waste his time with these wretches, when he has me? Once upon a dreamtime tea party, he sat with me, and said I were his Light, and all the World to him, but then Miles Jr. came, Mother went, and these bloody damned ORPHANS arrived. But still, I know what Father loves now, and I know how to get his attention. In the same way the cat does, by clawing up the favorite furniture.
ROLE: Wisteria is a spoiled girl whose distracted father no longer has time to indulge her, and she’s begun to act out. In her early teens, she’s blossoming like her name, but carries bitterness decades older than she is. She never learned the difference in good attention and bad attention. She knows there are limits to what she can inflict on the orphans, and cruelties Father would not forget, but she is clever and cagey, and loves to get orphans in trouble while seeming innocent herself.
DESCRI PTI ON: Tall, like her father, but with her Mother’s looks. Well dressed, and always poised. Her voice seems kind, but can wound with backhand complements, or snarl like a dog when she’s furious. Her rages are legendary among the staff of Candlewick Manor. She’ll always obey the letter of her father’s instructions, however, even if she twists their spirit whenever she can.


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