Welcome to Candlewick Vale

You’ve been an orphan all your life. Alone, and unloved, you watched the happier, prettier children be adopted by wealthy parents. Try with all your might, no couple wants to adopt you, but can you blame them? Theres always been something… off about you. You’ve always been a strange child. Teachers whisper about you, other children avoid you. You are completely alone.

And then, your adopted.

You’re taken in by the mysterious Mr. Candlewick. He takes you away from your old life, which really wasn’t all that great to begin with, to live with other unwanted children in his mannor in Candlewick Vale. He doesn’t explain to you his reasons, but who are you to argue? You’ve finally gotten your wish, right?

Or perhaps you were better off where you were…

The Dreadful Secrets of Candlewick

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