Galadriel "Gilly" Bog-Bottom

Amphibious Book-Worm Wallflower


Galadriel (Gilly) Bog-Bottom.
How do others see you?
“Everyone’s always telling me that I look like a ‘dead rat’, or that I look really ill. I feel fine, though. Mostly.”
How do you see yourself?
“Well, I’m pretty weird. I love reading books, even though I get the pages all wet. I try to be kind and caring. Do unto others…”
What is creepy about you?
I’m always dripping wet, and I think maybe I’m growing flippers?
What do you do to try and fit in?
I’m very quiet. Sometimes I can tag along with a group of kids if they don’t notice me.
What are you most afraid of?
I’m terrified of electricity. Gives me the willies.

Feet: 3
- Kicking: 3
- Flippers: 3 (Useful: Swim like a Fish)
Brains: 5
- Out-think: 2
- Remember: 2
- Notice: 2
Guts: 3
- Slimy Skin: 2 (Useful: Temperature Resistant)
– Courage: 3
Hands: 2
Face: 2
- Charm: 3
– Connive: 3


  • The Gentle Pattering of Rain: 3 (3)
  • The Sizzle of Electricity: 2
  • Glimmering Fireflies: 2
  • A Nameless Fleeting Melody: 2
  • Bitter Tasting Medicine: 1

Lolly Jenkins: 1d


Session 1:
Gilly’s living in a pretty scary part of the house. GULP! She’s slowly getting used to those paintings… (+3 Courage)

Session 2:
Something really fishy’s going on around here!!! It’s going to take some sneakiness to find out what. Even if that means a little lying here and there. (+3 Connive)

Session 3:
Gilly’s found her new inspiration for all things mysterious!! (New Relationship, Lolly Jenkins)

(1 point left over)

Galadriel "Gilly" Bog-Bottom

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