Daniel Dumfuk

A shocking young adventurer


Shocking Grasp: 8 Attack, Useful(Power electronics), Useful(bring non-living matter to life)
Courage: 7
Squirrel: 6
Connive: 6

Blood on his hands: 1
The Ocean: 3
A large cave:1
The Jungle: 3
Falliing: 2

Miles Candlewick: 1


How do others see you?
“They think I’m awesome! With all the incredible stuff I do, there’s no way they CAN’T. Sure, people don’t like to be around me much, but that’s just being cautious. Not everyone can handle all the stuff I get into. Do you think you can handle it? I’m looking for a sidekick.”
How do you see yourself?
“I’m brave, and strong. I’ll stand up to any danger and come out of it with a smile on my face! I have to live up to my parents. They were supercool explorers just like me. They probably had to go on a REALLY DANGEROUS mission, which is why they left me here. It must be really cool, because they’re still out after, what is it now… 13 years? sigh But, I’m sure they’re fine! I just wish I remembered my last name so I could look up all the adventures they went on.”
What is creepy about you?
Sometimes, I’m so awesome that my own body can’t contain it, and I have to discharge some of it as electricty. People can’t really touch me, which can come in handy when I’m accosted by malicious thugs in old abandoned warehouses. Also, I have a pet squirrel name Mikey! He’s really cool, but sometimes he falls to pieces…
What do you do to try and fit in?
Not really anything. I know I’m not normal, so why should I care what all those normal people think of me?
What are you most afraid of?
Nothing! There is nothing that I’m afraid of!!! … though, it hurts a lot when I get wet… I almost died the last time I went swimming… b-but still! I’m not afraid of anything!!!

Daniel Dumfuk

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